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My Stubborn Weight Loss Strategies

Over the last 12 years I have seen a lot of diets and fads come and go, although to be honest I have paid little attention to any of them for the past 8. I consider myself very lucky that I woke up and realised that most of it is BS and that nature has […]

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50 Lessons from 12 years of Weight Loss Coaching – Part 2

So on with the list! This is part 2 of 50 of my biggest lessons from my 12 years coaching women to lose weight. If you didn’t see part 1 check out Monday’s post HERE… 26. Get your environment right – internally, externally and socially. 27. Knowledge doesn’t = results. 28. Accountability is vital. 29. […]

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50 Lessons from 12 years of Weight Loss Coaching – Part 1

I have been stuck recently, in my own self and in my content for these emails and my social media… it is very rare I am short of words! But sometimes you need to do more like looking in than out! However, last night I wanted to write out a list of my 20 biggest […]

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They Called Me KimBelly…

I had to Join Weight Watchers at 13! Yeah, it wasn’t nice… Being the fat kid. They used to call me KimBelly…. and that was my mates. Well the boys mostly – of course! Best part is I PT’d one of them years later! I gave him some serious gyp… So who’s laughing now, chunky? He laughed, […]

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She lost 3 stone but had to shave her head!

Did you see it? One of those awful NY Diet programs that are always on at this time of year… Only this one is quite good!  (Apart from the comment that Milk is a superfood… Hmmm… For a cow, yes, or anyone who wants to be the size of a cow!) Anyway, this lady told a […]

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Kick Calories to the Curb – How to be Happy, Healthy and Beautiful in 2018 – Part 4

Stop counting calories – what is it about the counting of calories that keeps us so hooked?  Calories are one of the most controlling and damaging aspects of diet cycle and mindset. Do you enjoy your food without worrying about the most misleading fallacy in the industry? Is it the control or the misunderstood freedom […]

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Sling The Scales – How To Be Happy, Healthy And Beautiful In 2018 – Part 2

Stop weighing yourself! Hands up if you weighed yourself today? Keep it up if you weighed yourself yesterday? And the day before? How did it make you feel? Empowered? Embarrassed? In control? Disgusted? Proud? Ashamed? Beautiful? Ugly? Happy? Sad? Frustrated? Do you let your daughter see you doing this each day? Does she know that […]

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Ditch The Bitch – How To Be Happy, Healthy And Beautiful In 2018 – Part 1

Stop the trash talk! The chitchat that goes on in your head can make you the most powerful or most harmful person in your life! Did you know… 70% of the thoughts we have each day are the SAME as the ones we had the day before, so if you are putting yourself down today, […]

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Do This & Eat This To Feel Better Today

Hello, is it safe to come out yet??? I hope you had a fantastic Christmas – I certainly did, maybe a bit too good!! Anyway I don’t know about you, but I am feeling pretty rotten after over indulging for the past 2 days – it’s been great fun, but the carb come down is […]

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FREE Christmas Survival Guide

How are you bearing up? I know that things might be starting to slip a little at the moment… The post below is a post in my members group yesterday… Does it resonate with you? It’s true. If your office is filling up with trash foods then you need to remember – no chocolate, cake […]

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