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The Truth About Calories – Part 2

What is it about the counting of calories that keeps us so hooked? Calories (and scales) are one of the most controlling and damaging aspects of diet cycle and mind-set. I gave up counting calories years ago, when I started to really understand food, what it does, why we need it and how the body […]

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Do This & Eat This To Feel Better Today

Hello, is it safe to come out yet??? I hope you had a fantastic Christmas – I certainly did, maybe a bit too good!! Anyway I don’t know about you, but I am feeling pretty rotten after over indulging for the past 2 days – it’s been great fun, but the carb come down is […]

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FREE Christmas Survival Guide

How are you bearing up? I know that things might be starting to slip a little at the moment… The post below is a post in my members group yesterday… Does it resonate with you? It’s true. If your office is filling up with trash foods then you need to remember – no chocolate, cake […]

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How To Stay On Track When There Aren’t Enough Hours in the Day

So, how can you stay on track when there aren’t enough hours in the day? Last week I had a coaching session where my client had had a “bad” week. To be honest I actually LIKE it when they have a bad week – shhh don’t tell them that! But when every week is going […]

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How to Enjoy Party Season & Stay Looking Hot!

Want to know how to enjoy the party season and stay looking hot? Are you struggling to find time for Christmas? Me too! In fact it seems to get worse each year! If you are an A lister who has been invited to every party in town then here’s a few survival tips to keep […]

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How to Drink & Party this Weekend Without Blowing It All…

Want to know how to have a drink and party this weekend without blowing it all?! So now you have a few strategies you can use day to day, here’s how to limit the damage for this weekend’s Christmas parties when you do want to let you hair down… Your best bet is Red, Organic, […]

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All Is Not Lost…

Want to lose weight but keep failing? Read this! Monday is everyone’s favourite day for starting a diet, right? One of the worst things about dieting is the toll consistently failing takes on your feeling of empowerment. But really, failing is good, it’s normal. Successful people know to use their failures to fuel their success. Sometimes […]

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Did You See This? A Month’s FREE Coaching Up For Grabs…

Did you see this? Get a month’s FREE coaching… Well, I couldn’t help myself, I do love a bargain! This is an offer like I have never done before and a great opportunity to work 1-2-1 with me and an amazing group of women ensuring that you are feeling slimmer, more energised and fabulous for […]

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Black Friday Bonkers! Get a month’s FREE coaching at SFW!

Well, I couldn’t help myself, I do love a bargain! Here’s my Black Friday offer – get a month’s FREE coaching at SFW! And this is a real bargain, something I have never ever done before, but after 12 years in this industry I know a few things about health and fat loss at this […]

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How to lose 10lbs before Christmas

I was talking to a lady in the gym this morning that spotted my BOTR hoody and asked my advice. She told me how she was starting her diet on Monday and this time will be the last time. This is how the conversation went… “Brilliant, so what’s your plan?” I said “Urm, well I’ll […]

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