50 Lessons from 12 years of Weight Loss Coaching – Part 2 - Babes on the Run

50 Lessons from 12 years of Weight Loss Coaching – Part 2

So on with the list!

This is part 2 of 50 of my biggest lessons from my 12 years coaching women to lose weight. If you didn’t see part 1 check out Monday’s post HERE

26. Get your environment right – internally, externally and socially.
27. Knowledge doesn’t = results.
28. Accountability is vital.
29. You do have time.
30. Learn stress management, it has a much bigger impact on your weight than you think.
31. Weight training is a must, it will strengthen your mind and your body.
32. Don’t try and do it all at once.
33. Start with the end in mind and be that person NOW.
34. Learn to cook.
35. Scales are only a small part of the picture.
36. One bad meal/day/weekend is not the end.
37. There will be challenges and times you want to quit – expect them… but don’t quit!
38. More cardio isn’t the answer.
39. Abs are made in the kitchen – corny but true.
40. Get a coach.
41. Play the long game.
42. Listen to YOUR body not the latest “Guru”.
43. If you don’t like your size 14 body you won’t like your size 10 body – Love yourself RIGHT NOW and get “Slim From Within”.
44. Make time for sleep.
45. Supplements are just expensive wee if you keep eating & drinking crap.
46. Alcohol will only make it harder for so many reasons.
47. Occasional treats are good.
48. Always find room for fun and laughter no matter how bad you feel.
49. You’re not special, you CAN do it too.
50. We are all on a journey, no one is perfect or better than another, no matter what size their jeans, every one of us is beautiful, important and worthy – we need to support and encourage eachother rather than compare… and remember… you are fine, you are right where you need to be…

Peace, Love, Health and Happiness Sisters!

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