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Hey I’m Kim

I believe that every human being is capable of amazing things, many of us don’t appreciate our potential or what we can achieve.

No matter if you are stuck in rut or ready to bold and brave I know you can move forward.

My favourite pastime is showing people that they have a choice, about what they do, who they do it with and how they live their lives.

We can choose how we feel, react, how we love and most importantly how we think.

I believe, no, I know, that everything and anything is possible when you learn to listen.

Whether its changing it, achieving it or letting it go I look forward to helping you.


Kim is one of the most authentic and intuitive coaches I have ever met...

It’s like she can read my mind and she knows what I need to hear.

A really amazing day, always sooooo good! Perfect in every way. I absolutely LOVED this workshop. The content for the day was so valuable. A truly great experience on every level”

Tina Squire // 2018/9 SFW Graduate & Workshop Attendee


An ENORMOUS thank you Kim - you have no idea how much you have done for me and I will be forever grateful....

Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me to turn my life around and giving me the tools to change it. Words can’t describe how grateful I am to you as I was so lost, discombobulated, exhausted and didn’t know where to turn to next or what to do. You gave me that chance, through encouragement, showed me what I needed to change and guided me through it, with kindness, no judgment or criticism,

Michelle Pollard // 2019 Graduate

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